Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Locals Only

I'm a HUGE fan of mid-70s Skate photography. I want to dedicate a whole room to it when i collect enough. The biggest name in the industry, is of course Hugh Holland and below are some of his epic photos.



Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Morning Pick Me-Up

A Labor of Love

I spent the second half of last week redecorating the front of the Candy Black studio, it was on such a impulse i didn't take any photos before i started, which is really annoying as the place is unrecognisable now!
I started off by painting the fence, which was originally a light brown to black And the side of the studio which was red brick to white. The photo doesn't do the space justice..these were two large walls!
I then stripped the front of the studio of any unwanted (but important) items, such as the letter box, intercom and alarm system, To Jason and the landlords horror. all in the name of design : ). I added Nordic Spar (very fancy name) for white pebbles around the boarder of the slaps and a large palm tree to lighten the place up a little. The door was also white with the large bars on the inside, I repainted it black and got the boys to move the bars from the inside to the outside adding an industrial feel.
Jason designed our Candy Black sign and a quote which summed up how we feel about our venture 'Fortune and Love Favour the Brave' .
Its still a bit of a working process but over all we are really happy with the new and improved entrance to our studio.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Housing Glass

What a busy week last week was. Despite all we managed to pack up early on Friday and head up to London for a friends birthday. On the way up I managed to convince Jason to swing by Ikea for some much need shelving for our kitchen.
After way to much time spent on looking at very similar options we opted for the Varde shelving system with the idea to paint them white. I was so pleased with the result i've added a photo below.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday Morning Envy

So on doing my rounds of my bookmarked blogs this morning i LOVED the post on Solid Frog, Introducing me to Coveteur. This is such a great site, much like The Selby in design and inspiration. Solid Frog has done a lovely post on the images she loves best from this site and i was so inspired i decided to do my own! (all though it turns out I wasn't very selective in my choosing, there were too many stunning images!)