Tuesday, October 26, 2010

'The Candy Shop' Update

We have been putting in alot of work for the Candy Shop so far and it is slowly starting to take shape! We are sorting out the finer details and are hoping to launch the shop soon, we will keep you posted__

Monday, October 18, 2010

Vintage Fur

I have to start off by stating that I am a HUGE animal lover. I also have to say that i don't believe in the killing of animals for fashion BUT i do believe that it is such a waste to discard or ruin old vintage fur coats and accessories. Although i wouldn't buy a new polar bear jacket, i do believe its okay to recycle old and used fur. My personal view is as far as these vintage furs are concerned the damage is done and why make the act so much more wasteful by discarding it.
I found an old fur jacket on top of a bin at a carboot sale recently and decided to take it on as a project. Since then i've also found other skins a scrap bits of leather and fur. So with the idea of renovating and recycling i've created a new cushion for my lounge, a new little bag and my biggest hit, a cover for my iphone, which i'm thinking of re-producing for the Candy Shop.

Bleaching - Take One

Some photos of my first attempt at bleaching fabric. I was really pleased with both the blue and (originally Green) yellow. The technique was so easy and the results are so varied every time. I really like the idea that every piece is unique and different. So far i've made a cushion cover, a small pull string bag and lined a fur bag with the fabric. The only problem i've had is that the fabric i used is too thin to use for most things so i've had to do a lot of lining and padding.

The Feel Good Factor

I was skimming through a new blog my boyfriend told me to have a look at and was chuffed to see a photo of our studio in amongst all the other awesome images. check out Convoy!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Moods and Inspiration


Do you know one of those things that you cant really talk about but are too excited not to give a little bit away...