Monday, October 18, 2010

Vintage Fur

I have to start off by stating that I am a HUGE animal lover. I also have to say that i don't believe in the killing of animals for fashion BUT i do believe that it is such a waste to discard or ruin old vintage fur coats and accessories. Although i wouldn't buy a new polar bear jacket, i do believe its okay to recycle old and used fur. My personal view is as far as these vintage furs are concerned the damage is done and why make the act so much more wasteful by discarding it.
I found an old fur jacket on top of a bin at a carboot sale recently and decided to take it on as a project. Since then i've also found other skins a scrap bits of leather and fur. So with the idea of renovating and recycling i've created a new cushion for my lounge, a new little bag and my biggest hit, a cover for my iphone, which i'm thinking of re-producing for the Candy Shop.

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